About Woest Athletics

After losing 130 pounds it was hard to find workout clothes that were functional, flattering, and comfortable. With all the extra skin that comes with weight loss, the thin material offered by running capris and tights caused a less than flattering silhouette. Running with an arm band with extra skin on my upper arms was uncomfortable and the extra bulk of a race belt just made me extra hot on already warm race days. I wanted a pair of running capris that offered a thicker material to provide a smooth appearance on my legs, and pockets, so that I didn’t have to add another layer of bulk when heading out for a run.

After trying hundreds of different materials I finally found one that was flattering and functional. Starting with only one product I soon realized that not everyone wanted a thicker, compressive fabric. So, together with my team we chose 2 additional fabrics. One is lightweight with light compression and another medium weight with just a bit more compression. We hope now there is something for everyone! As we grow we will continue to add new fabrics, colors and patterns. Our newest products include a zipper to the front pocket as well as 2 angled back pockets. Our stitching has now all changed to flat lock as well... because no one wants to be bustin' out their seams! Happy shopping! :) 

Jessica Kelderman
Founder - Woest Athletics